Jonah Lazar

Recognized by his finely groomed beard, Jonah takes pride in his looks. He is known to wear jeans that are unbearably tight in the crotch solely because he considers them 'trendy.' He is so self-obsessed, in fact, that he cropped his own girlfriend out of his profile picture (That's her hair in the bottom right). We believe he roped us in to this whole podcast idea just so he could hear himself talk.


Cortland Lizer

Raised on a farm, Cortland knows the ins and outs of a cow's many stomachs. Though he is unable to correctly pronounce "tractor trailer" or "barbed wire," he knows far more about meat than anyone would conceivably need to know due to working at a meat shop in his youth.


David Kroell

David "Brown David" Kroell is your stereotypical computer nerd. He can recall entire movie scenes from memory and stresses out over a B+ on an exam. David is currently on a quest to find the perfect 4k monitor, perfectly balancing price, size, and flavor.


Jake Tarren

A man of many hats, Jake's interests change from week to week. We keep him around mostly to make fun of him and listen to his self-deprecating anecdotes. Also, he lives in our recording studio, so we can't exactly kick him out.